Sometimes it seems as though we traveling moms get so many tips thatsimply reading and digesting them seems like more work than we can findtime to do. But these tips, from the employees at American Airlines , are worth a minute of yourtime.

These are people who travel for a living, so they know what it takes.

The three coolest tips are:

  1. Take a photo of your parking spot with your camera phone. That way you won’t have to remember where you stashed the piece of paper you used to jot down the spot number when you get home three days from now.
  2. Visit the local cosmetics counter to pick up samples of the products you use. Those teeny tiny containers won’t take up much space in your small baggie, will easily go through the security scanners and can be tossed after the product is used so there’s no need to drag them back home.
  3. Scan copies of your travel documents, passport and other important papers and email them to yourself. That way, if something gets lost, a copy is as close as the nearest Web-enabled computer or telephone.