My 12-year-old son rakes in $27 million /year, has a wife, one child and another on the way.

Or at least he does vicariously through his MLB Power Pros player, A-Rod.  Since the game will not be available for the Nintendo DS until 2009, we weren’t able to take it on our family vacation this summer (I wasn’t about to pack the whole system in our already overloaded suitcases).  But he jumped right into the game when we got home.  

According to him, MLB Power Pros by Wii is waaaaay better than any other baseball game out there.  He loves that he can create a whole story and history around his player. And frankly, I do too.  As A-Rod, he signs contracts, chooses his dinner companions and his hobbies.  If he wants more hobbies than what are offered automatically, he has to pay for them.  He also pays a mortgage.  

It doesn’t surprise me that my 12-year-old Alex P. Keaton clone bought a huge house and a Lamborghini, but I would not have guessed him to be a family man.  Funny thing is that his buddy who also loves MLB Power Pros, chose a wife and child for his player, Soriano, as well. 

There are three modes of play:  Success Mode where fans control the careers of AA-minor League players, MLB Life where the major leaguers are and Season Mode for team owners and managers.  Each mode gives the gamer the opportunity to make big decsions about their players and teams.

 The boys gave MLB Power Pros their highest marks but did request that 2009 offer more interaction.  They want to swing, not press a button when at bat and they want more throwing and catching simulation.  It’s Wii, after all.