Q: How can you fight static cling?

After traveling by train to an interview, I was appalled when the receptionist handed me a can of anti-static spray and suggested I visit the ladies’ room before my meeting. Unbeknownst to me, my suit was clinging to me like a vine to a trellis.

As far as I could remember, this had never happened to me before, at least to this degree. What happened?


A. When traveling on a train, bus, or airplane, especially in cold, wintry climates, the dry indoor air can cause stubborn static cling. The best solution is prevention. Lay out your clothes and use anti-static spray on the inside of your clothes, and lightly spray your stockings and undergarments. Carry a small can with you for a light touch-up just prior to your meeting.

Also try to give yourself enough time to reach your destination early, relax, and “air” yourself out, especially after lengthy travel. Your relaxed confidence will help you look your best when it’s time for that initial handshake