The benefit of visiting a destination spa is the entire place is part of the spa experience whereas most resorts offer spa treatments as a complement to a destination experience.

The Lodge at Woodloch welcomes guests 18 and older. Each stay includes a variety of classes and workshops, such as water color painting, cooking, life coaching, and drumming on exercise balls (much more fun than it sounds!).

My room was comfortable and contemporary without pretense. The pool, massage waterfall and outdoor Jacuzzi were exquisite. They included rock from nearby Scranton to continue their theme of bringing nature inside. The Whisper Room is where you can reconnect with your travel mates after one of a variety of spa treatments. You can enjoy tea and trail mix near the fireplace or outside on the patio overlooking the trees and lake. The fitness room boasted Pilates machines and all the latest equipment. The Women’s retreat (aka locker room) offered a private sauna and steam room (with a forest view) and whirlpool.

Video by Katja Presnal

I was invited to the Lodge with three other bloggers, Amy Platt of LIParentSource, Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle and Amy Oztan of Filming in Brooklyn. Shortly after arrival, we all went to our treatments. I asked for Woodloch’s signature treatment, Awakening the Senses – a body scrub, lymphatic system and moisturizing massage. Thoroughly relaxing and exactly what I needed to begin to unwind.

My fellow travelers loved their native stone massages as did the other guests I asked. Response on the facial was 50/50. My treatment was effective – my skin felt invigorated and very smooth afterwards. It felt good to get rid of the “old” and to re-energize my skin, but I would recommend adding the full body massage to it or having a separate massage in addition.

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