Staying home for the holidays?  Have gamers in the house?  Check out these freebies for fun.

1. Feed your brain with FitBrains –  This fun, scientifically-based brain fitness program will keep you sharp by exercising all five key cognitive areas of your brain through engaging activities and health tips.

2. Have a question? Get it answered using ChaCha – text 242242 or call 1.800.2ChaCha. ChaCha is like having a smart friend you can call or text for answers on your cell phone anytime for free! ChaCha works with virtually every provider and allows people with any mobile phone device to ask any question in conversational English and receive an accurate answer as a text message in just a few minutes.

3. Team up with your friends for the greater good in zOMG! – a new casual MMORPG, encourages players to band together to investigate animated mysteries, explore beautifully worlds, defeat inanimate objects that have run amok, play mini-games and much more.


4. Relieve some stress with Spil Games –  From puzzle to MMO to card and board games, you’ll find something fun to play on one of Spil Games’ numerous targeted gaming portals. Spil Games features over 2,000 free-to-play online games.

5. Get creative with Hello Kitty – Create your own video version of Hello Kitty in the City and enter to win some sweet Sanrio prizes, including a copy of the new DS game.