Five Helpful Hints When Your Family Vacation Means Camping With Other Families:


  1. Let each family plan its own meals.  It’s tough to plan meals for a group, especially given kids’ fussy tastes and dietary needs. Pack your own breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but bring extras such as veggies, fruit and snacks for sharing.
  2. Choose a location with diverse activities.  Swimming and sunning may be your idea of utopia, but others might crave a competitive game of bingo. Choose an area with something for everyone.
  3. Plan “alone time” for you and your family.  Just because you’re camping as a group doesn’t mean you have to do everything together.  Pick a time when each family can do its own thing, whether kayaking, hiking or just hanging out.
  4. Extend your “outdoor real estate.”  The prime campsites are those adjacent to open spaces that give kids a place to play. Reserve early to ensure you’re next to a field, trails or playground.
  5. Tie up the trip with a memory.  Capture a group shot and, using an online service, turn the photo into a greeting card.  Each family will have a special memory of fun, friendship and family togetherness after they’ve returned home.