flextastictoes150.jpg Healthy happy feet could make the difference between sitting around andmaking one more ramble through an unknown city or museum.

Years of Jimmy Choos, running on concrete and chasing after kids take a toll on our feet – our body’s foundation.  Reflexologists know the secrets hidden in our feet.  Yogis encourage us to create a strong base with our feet.  Are you paying attention?

I wasn’t until last week when I attended a yoga event sponsored by ProFoot, makers of healthy foot products.  I had seen what I have always referred to as toe spreaders and am embarrassed to admit that I thought they were strictly a yoga – thing – created to increase the size of your standing foot so you wouldn’t fall over when balancing on it.  I had no idea that there were real health benefits in working the tissues between the toes.  And I wasn’t convinced until I tried it.  It was not a miraculous cure but more of an Ahhhhh feeling afterwards.

A 5 minute rendevous with Flex-Tastic can restore foot health, relieve stress and tension in feet and legs, and increase circulation.  For $9.99, it is worth a try.