Traveling green includes making a positive impact on the local community too. How can your family do this? Think about your own family, your kids’ schools and how sometimes they need to fundraise for special events.

Now think about a school in a country where they don’t even get funding for a janitor or for textbooks. In rural Costa Rica the kids take turns cleaning after school and the parents volunteer for general school maintenance!

There are no gymnasiums or phys-ed equipment – let alone computers. So one of the best ways of contributing as a family is seeking out a local charity (or school if you are traveling to a developing country) and either visiting, bringing donations such as school supplies with you, or finding out how to best contribute something. wanted to help their travelers help the communities they love in Costa Rica, so started a project with a rural school that does just that. You can read more about it here.


If finding this out is too difficult, if you are not using a travel planner for example, just making sure you include activities run by local people can make a big difference. Think about your impact if you go to an all-inclusive resort owned by a company based somewhere else. If you eat all your meals in the hotel, the people in the surrounding communities don’t receive much benefit. But if you take tours with local guides, eat in local restaurants, and stay in family-owned hotels, imagine how much money will stay in that community and go towards things like paying for their kids’ education, bus fare, or textbooks?

Certainly buying fresh local food – such as fruit and even baked goods that have less or no packaging at all can not only boost the local economy but reduce waste. 

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