What can you do to travel green as a family? Here is part one of an ongoing series from the experts at GreenSpot.travel.

Traveling green encompasses many things. Here are a few standard "green travel tips":

  • Pack light to help the airplane conserve jet fuel

  • Bring re-usable water bottles and fill them up with your hotel’s filtered water (if the tap water isn’t potable, check with the hotel restaurant – they usually have a system)

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth to use less water

  • Let the room attendant know they don’t need to change the sheets and towels every day

  • Do not use plastic bags

  • Use fans instead of air conditioning or keep the A/C on a higher temperature – you won’t freeze when you return to your room and you’ll save lots of energy.

For more information on traveling green and further resources visit GreenSpot.travel.


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