Being green and appreciating nature and other cultures comes naturally the more you know about it.

Another green travel idea is to get information about the place you are visiting before you go, including words in the local language. You might be asking, how is this green? Well, traveling green is about respecting the people and places you interact with while you are there – animals and humans too. If you are visiting a tropical rainforest, why not pick up some wildlife flash cards for the kids to read about during a ride from one location to the next? Or a book about the country and some of their traditional customs?

Children who learn about nature including plants, animals, insects and how they work together keeping the air fresh and the water clean, are likely to want to do their part in being green. Being able to say a few words and communicate with the local people also enriches the experience, for both you and them, because it shows that you care about their culture and well being, making it a warm and welcoming experience for your family.

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