We can't afford our usual summer vacation this year and will be staying home.  We can probably do a weekend away but even that will be a stretch right now.  Our teen age kids have vacationed at Club Med, dude ranches and various beach resorts.  I know they will be disappointed and so am I but I still want us to enjoy our summer.  I don't want to unload any of our money issues on them so what is a good way to handle this?Is the old guilt/resentment demon rearing its ugly head?  If so, you want to remember how fortunate you've been during the past summers and how this summer is going to be about finding and exploring things locally.  It's an opportunity for giving back to your community some of the gifts you've experienced along the way and pitch in with some volunteer activities for those who have not had the wealth of experience you have had (and been blessed with) in the past.