Summer family travel means vacation pictures and videos. This year, I am packing light – few clothes, few shoes and my camcorder / camera in one, the Sony Webbie.

A few weeks ago I sponsored Open Mom Nite, a Rolemommy event in New York City.  For the first time EVER I had the newest electronic toy in the room.  Sony sent me a new Webbie camcorder to use.  I am no technology expert, which makes me the perfect candidate to provide feedback on real-life use.  

High tech or not, it is a really cool looking camera.  It’s the size of a thick cell phone and the camera lens swivels at the top so you can see yourself as you film yourself – no more holding the camera out at arm’s length, worrying about the triple chin.  My favorite feature is that it uses a memory card that holds 8 gigabytes! 
Testing the Webbie


I put the Webbie to the test when I interviewed some of New York City’s top bloggers.   I learned that as long as the camera had good lighting, I got good movies.  We had to take it outside the venue because the lighting inside was very dim.  The bloggers ooohed and aaahed over the camera because they are all used to the Flip.  The Flip is a convenient, easy to use small camcorder as well, but the biggest difference is that the Webbie has a memory card slot that can hold hours of content whereas the Flip holds one hour before that content has to be downloaded. 
A couple of days later, I took the Webbie with me to the LPGA tournament in New Jersey to interview the mom-pros. I answered as many questions as I asked. Except their questions were all about the Webbie! Everyone wants to know more about the Webbie when they see it. 

Uploading Video

The real test came when I had to load the photos and movies to my Mac.  EZ PZ. Plugged it in, hit import, done.  I was told that people who use a PC can  directly upload their video to photo sharing Web sites including Shutterfly, Picasa, YouTube and more.  You can also drag and drop video files from the camera to your own folders.

I highly recommend this camera for web-savvy people who want to quickly capture a moment.  I would NOT recommend it as a replacement for your handycam camcorder because those cameras are optimal for recording those special moments (like your kids’ play or ballgame or chess match) in the highest quality possible.

About the Webbie:

The light weight Sony Webbie comes in two models, the MHS-CM1, which sells for about $200, and MHS-PM1 Webbie, which sells for about $170. Both are HD models that record in high definition video (1440×1080/30p) and 5-megapixel still photos. They are available in three colors—eggplant, orange and silver.