ShoppingHawaii is one of my all time favorite places. But it isn’t the cheapest vacation spot. I got a tip on souvenior shopping from a passenger on the plane ride over. She said the best place to shop for souveniors is the Aloha Stadium Swap meet. She was so right! Since then, I have been given this tip over and over. It’s definately the insider spot for souveniors. So what do you need to know to take advantage of The Aloha Stadium Swap meet?


The Aloha Stadium Swap meet is only on Oahu. So if you are flying to Honolulu, this is where you want to go. The address is 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd. However, everyone knows where the Aloha Stadium is and you can easily get a taxi, shuttle or bus to take you here. It is very close to Pearl Harbor. We like to make a day of Pearl Harbor in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.



Admission costs $1. There is not an entrance booth to look for. The first year we went, we didn’t end up paying because we couldn’t figure out where to pay. There are people watching the parking lot for tourists walking up to the swap meet. You pay them. Children under 11 are free.


The swap meet is only open three days per week so plan for it. The hours are Wed. and Sat. from 8 to 3. Sunday 6:30 to 3.

What will you find at the Aloha Stadium swap meet? This is not a garage sale place. You won’t find people who have cleaned out their homes setting up shop. You will find booths filled with merchandise and yummy food. Here are a few of the things we have purchased at the swap meet. I will include the prices {to my best recollection} so you can have an idea of what to expect.

Wooden carvings {I think this was $10}


Cute Luggage {$20}

Swim suit coverup {$10-$15}


Seashell Lei {I think these were in a group of 15 for $7}


Seashell nut lei {I think this was $12}

nutseashelllei copy

You can also find jewelry {great prices on pearls}, hair accessories, t shirts {6 for $20} and just about anything you might want. My husband bought a car charger for his cell phone for $6. We have not had any problems with quality of merchandise. You can get lunch here from one of the many food carts. Remember to bring cash. The vendors don’t take cards. There is an ATM but they will charge you to use it. Also it is Hawaii and walking around in the sun does get hot. So prepare for that.

I loved digging up these souvenirs for this article. It brought back such warm and sunny memories. Going to the Aloha Stadium swap meet is one of my favorite things to do in Hawaii. I hope you will give it a try the next time you visit the Aloha state so you can shop like an insider.

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