scruble I have the solution to the Alec Baldwin Words With Friends controversy with American Airlines: It could easily be resolved if the airline invested in several thousand Scruble Cubes.  You might remember Baldwin was kicked off a flight in early December after he wouldn’t turn off his phone at the gate.  Baldwin said he was playing Words With Friends, the Scrabble game available on iPhones and other devices. 

Well, this week Baldwin was asked if he’d ever fly American Airlines again.  He responded by saying if they let him play Words With Friends he would.

Well, that probably won’t happen since all the airlines have such an issue with cellular devices being used on the plane.  So, here’s the simple solution: American should invest in a bunch of Scruble Cubes.  Have you seen them?  They’re shaped like a Rubik’s Cube and move in the same alec baldwinway, but the individual boxes have letters on them, and those letters have numbers for how many points they are worth.

You twist the cube to spell a word and then add up your points. 


Cool, huh?

I can see it now…all the passengers challenging the person sitting next to them to come up with a better word with a higher count.  It would certainly keep me preoccupied on my next flight.

(Alec Baldwin photo courtesy of iStock photos)