riverwalkingMy dad said yes but my mom said no when we asked to rent an RV for vacation. I saw two different models at the Digital Family Summit in Philadelphiaand I LOVED them. I saw they had many conveniences and I thought maybe I could convince my mom to get one. I got to go inside and look around and here is what I learned that might just convince your mom to rent one:

1. It has its own kitchen, so even on the go you can eat mom’s AWESOME food.
2. The gas milage is great, it is close to the mileage of a normal family mini van; many get 15-17 mpg.
3. Inside storage lets you bring many games and activities children could do, so they are not bored. You can also take electronics like iPads, Nintendo, iPhones, etc. because there are plugs to charge them. 
4. There are lots of campgrounds for RVs, more than 16,000 nation wide!
rv15. Renting an RV can cost less than the average hotel/motel. The average cost starts at $75 per day. 
6. Fun places to go RVing are national parks like Yellow Stone, Yosemite or The Grand Canyon. You can also find RV parks near beaches, mountains, and lakes.

7. You can go anywhere, explore anything, and most of all you can do it with your family.

After my mom read this list, she agreed to let us go RVing. I hope your mom will too!