See Snow for First Time while traveling

Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled Traveling Mom

Imagine never feeling a snowflake on your tongue, never making snow angels or having a snowball fight. Well, my daughter is a native Floridian and that’s what she has, or hasn’t experienced. The only snow she has seen was on television. But, during a trip, she saw snow for the first time.

My husband and I flew into Kansas City, Missouri on the way to visit my adult daughter at Christmas time. After our flight, we stopped to grab something to eat. When we finished our meal and walked outdoors, it was snowing. It was more like a light flurry. My daughter squealed in delight.

She had to touch it. To know what it felt like in her hands. To see it up close on the ground. What was a simple family trip became a wondrous moment in time that I will never forget. And neither will her. Family trips can be like that sometimes. We plan something and something else extraordinary happens.

It may not be seeing snow for the first time, but it can be making a friend from another state or country. Spending time with locals instead of all of the tourist attractions, allows opportunity for conversation, finding excellent food and getting to know the area much better than a regular tourist would. We create travel memories.

We often make our trip reservations based upon the most luxurious hotels, the money we will save, the theme parks, etc.  Let’s try to make it our goal to plan based on the time we can spend time with our family and the chance for memories. And while we’re traveling, take time to enjoy those quiet moments, to talk, laugh and be thankful for the time we can spend together. Maybe there will be first on your vacation too.