BeckyAdventureGreetings Everyone from Missouri, this is my first official post here at Traveling Mom! I am excited to have this opportunity to share our adventures and all the cool things to do here in Missouri….I am a bit of a Missouri Lover!

Today I thought I would take a few moments to share a few of my secrets or as my hubby calls it my addiction to family travel in Missouri on a planned budget. I think back to my pre-kiddos days when I could jump in my car for a road trip, but I gave that life up almost nine years ago and devote my time to attempting to plan fun family outings. 

We do travel in the wintertime, but our travels are much shorter and fewer as we juggle school, winter weather, and everything else that falls in the winter months. Therefore, I take the winter months as my chance to plan for what spring and summer can bring. Here are a few things that I do that help me prepare for those crazy fun summer days.

  • As the calendar rolls around to January, I log onto Missouri Division of Tourism website and fill out the simple form to receive Missouri’s Free Travel Information. This not only gives me free ideas of things to do, but comes along with a Free Missouri Map, and I have the opportunity to sign up to receive more free information from various areas across Missouri. 
  • I check with various visitors’ bureaus, tourism offices, and chambers of commerce to update my email information, so that I have an updated list of events happening around Missouri. Many of these places have blogs, email blast, and e-newsletters for you to subscribe to; this keeps me in the know of when to plan those trips. 
  • Organizing the travel information…this is where hubby gets his real laugh! I have an entire filing cabinet full of travel brochures, from all over the US. My children think travel books are reading material, I think they motivate us to get out and see the world. In my filing cabinet I have broken down the travel flyers into sections; I have them separated by state, and since Missouri is our home state, I have Missouri separated by sections of the state. This gives me an easy ways to plan the perfect trips, and if we do want to throw in a last minute trip, it helps me find close to home destinations. 

 Places not to forget-

  • While we think travel, we think resorts, hotels, vacation homes, but what about State Parks. Missouri is blessed with some beautiful State Parks rather you are day visiting, camping, or plan to check out their other lodging facilities. Missouri State Parks also have an e-newsletter for you to subscribe to, and even cooler there is an APP for that! Yes, they have a high tech Pocket Ranger available on your I phone. Moms and Dads this has come in handy more than once for emergency exercise sessions on long road trips. I will add most Missouri State Parks are open year around and free to visit! 
  • Libraries, museums, restaurants, and resorts- When there is certain destinations we are planning to travel to, I check out their websites, follow their local places on facebook, twitter, or via their blog. This way I am aware if there is, special prices come up, they have an event I might want to visit, and I just feel like I get to know the community before I arrive. 
  • Missouri Department of Conservation– Yep folks, I said the MDC. I cannot tell you how many times my family has stumbled upon MDC land and stopped for a quick picnic lunch or a short hike. We also take full advantage of many of the MDC naturist programs and nature centers. Many of the MDC’s Nature Centers are museums, libraries, and classrooms wrapped up in one building. They offer information on history of the land, what animals call that area home, and even have special programs for the youth. You can subscribe by email, mail, or follow their calendar of area events. 

There is an App for that-

In today’s high-tech world there is an app or mobile version for almost everything you can dream of. I have a special section on my, I phone marked TRAVEL…go figure right? I have downloaded apps including the Missouri Travel Guide, Pocket Ranger, and Show-Me Mo, Southwest Airlines, Cheap tickets, and a few other travel helpers. Rather I am on the go and need assistance right that minute, or I am at my daughter’s cheer practice and just want to burn up a few minutes these apps come in so handy

All of these tips, tricks, and clues have proven successful for helping me plan our family travel and saved what is left of my sanity! I truly hope you put some these to use and take advantage of what is available for at our fingertips!

I look forward to sharing the great destinations Missouri has to offer with you in the near future!

Have an Adventurous Day!