airportThese days, getting through the airport can take so much time that many travelers almost miss their flight!  Expert travelers know how to navigate through any airport to shave minutes of their time, and you can do the same!

Here are some tips to “fly” through the airport so you’ll never miss your flight.

Know where to park
Expert travelers don’t waste time looking for the first available parking spot.  Instead, they go to the top of the parking garage and park near the entrance.

Check in and pay for bags online
By checking in and paying for your bags online, you can save time, and sometimes money.  Some airlines, including Delta, charge less for bags paid for online.  If you see a line inside the airport for checking bags, look outside at curbside check-in (no, it doesn’t cost extra!).

Navigating security

Traveling without kids?  Then look for the expert traveler line at security, which will be noticably less busy.  When you get in line, look for lines without kids, which will likely move faster.  And, make sure you know all of the latest security rules before leaving for the airport so you don’t get caught up at security.

Now, sit back and relax – you are ready to fly!