Other traveling moms share their tips for looking good while traveling.

“I have a separate set of cosmetics and other toiletries that I keep in my suitcase so that I don’t have to constantly pack and unpack. I do the same with shoes and jewelry. I have clothing that I cycle in and out to keep packing time to a minimum. I also prefer to travel in off hours to make travel to and from the airport shorter and less stressful. When out of town, it makes sense to do manicures and pedicures and personal business that you cannot do at home when you have a house to maintain and family duties. I try to get as many of my errands done long distance or online so that my weekends at home are relaxing and restful.”

Amy Smith, consultant

“Here are some of the ways I make travel easier on myself: I keep Ziploc bag kits of lingerie in my drawer at home. They contain a bra, panties, stockings/socks and anything else needed for a complete set of undergarments, like slip or camisole. There are some that are all beige, all black, workout suitable, or evening appropriate. When I pack for a trip, it is so easy just to grab the right number and type of bags and never have to wonder if I brought the strapless bra for the evening or the right color socks for a light colored suit. I bag them right after they come out of the laundry when I get back home…All my travel clothes are solid neutral colors that can be worn together. I keep nice scarves and jewelry for more interest.”


Deva Hupayl
Process Excellence Leader, Chemical Engineer