granolabar.jpgQ. I want to carry small, energy-boosting snacks with me but I found jars, cans, and large bags cumbersome to lug around. I feel like I’m carrying a portable grocery store! Any suggestions?

A. Try using the small snack bags that seal at the top. I like to fill these with small portions of nuts, edamames, dried fruit, rice cakes – I even carry small slices of cheese with an apple or fresh fruit like cubed melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, or grapes. When I prepare these nutritious snack bags, I pre-measure the contents. This way I’m able to control portions and have a convenient pick-me-up whether I’m sitting on a plane or driving in my car. The most amazing thing is that by eating small, protein-based portions throughout the day, I’m less hungry than when I eat three main meals. By the way, I’ve started using the snack packs in the children’s school lunches and they love it!