Photo credit: Allan Clark

Photo credit: Allan Clark

Having spent more thanr three years living and traveling full-time in an RV, I’ve become an expert on the best resources for RV camping. Whether you camp year round, or only an occasional weekend, you’ll want to check out these RV resources!

RV News You Can Use

  • If you are looking for an all-around source of RV related information, Chuck Woodbury’s weekly RV Travel newsletter offers a wealth of information.TMOM disclosure graphicLooking for a way to expand storage in your rig? Want to find some easy recipes when you are camping? Need ideas where to camp in a certain part of the country? And most importantly, want to know how to keep your RV toilet smelling sweet? Subscribe to RV Travel! You’ll get a fun-to-read, free newsletter delivered by email each Saturday. I look forward to reading the newsletter each week because it has up-to-date information as well fun cartoons and trivia. There’s even a section on “Weird RV’s” that will have you laughing at the quirky RV’s people have built or purchased.

Best Camping Sites on the Web

The number of Internet sites about RV camping can be a little overwhelming, but these are some of my favorites, full of useful information:

  • Photo credit: Allan Clark

    Photo credit: Allan Clark

    One of the advantages of camping in an RV is the money you save by not eating in restaurants all the time. Who wants to spend their vacation sweating over a hot stove? That’s where Evanne Schmarder’s website saves the day. Evanne provides hundreds of easy and delicious recipes designed for camping. She gives tips and shortcuts so you have delicious meals without the need for exotic ingredients or complicated cooking procedures.

  • Another all-around source for camping information is Go RV’ing. This website has everything you need to know about RV camping, from selecting the right vehicle to selecting where you want to go with that vehicle. There are over 16,000 campsites across the country and Go RV’ing can help you find the right place to stay. If you are considering buying an RV, the website provides a simple way to compare various sizes and models. They even offer ideas for family games to play while driving and activities to do at the camp site.  This is the site to check out for anything RV related!

Take a Test Drive

Is there someone in your family that would rather stay at a five star resort than go camping? Try renting an RV for a few days to see if you can change that person’s mind. I’ve known many people, (OK, many women) who discover that staying in a Queen sized bed with air conditioning and a microwave is not so bad. Some RV’s even come with a washer and dryer!

It’s a great advantage to be able to travel from place to place and know your underwear is always in the same drawer. No more schlepping a suitcase from hotel to hotel. Kids enjoy camping in an RV because it seems like a giant moving playhouse. Contact El Monte RV to see about renting an RV for your first taste of the RV experience.