Refundable Airline Ticket - to meet grandson

Refundable airline tickets can be a good choice when traveling for the birth of a child.
Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled Travelingmom

When you are unsure of your travel dates, a refundable airline ticket can be the best way to save money. Make sure that your ticket is fully-refundable and that there are no charges to change your flight. Check that cost with a non-refundable ticket with a change flight fee.

I recently traveled from Florida to my daughter and son-in-law’s home in Kansas for the birth of their first child and my first grandchild. Because due dates are not exact, I didn’t know my exact date of my return flight.  My research led me to find that refundable tickets can be worth it if these conditions are in effect:


  • No fees are in place for changing flights
  • Re-booked flights do not have to follow the same route
  • Deadlines are quite long – at least a few months
  • There are no restrictions, or very few

Finding a fully refundable ticket can be difficult if you use a travel site. Most don’t offer that option. You can, however go directly to an airline’s site, call them or use an airline compare site such as FareCompare. Since refundable tickets can be quite expensive, add up the fees to change a non-refundable ticket and compare them. Don’t forget to compare baggage fees as well.

I finally decided on Southwest Airlines since there are no charge fees to change your flights. Again, if buying a ticket from Southwest, read the fine print to check on their fees. I didn’t want to have any concerns about travel while I was there for the birth of my grandson. A Refundable ticket helped me achieve that goal.