sunhat1. Wear a Rashguard. We love these silky, comfortable ones from UVSkinz. The fun designs and great fit mean that our kids are happy to suit up. If you are not familiar with this line of solar protective family swimwear, check it out!

2. Set up a Sun Shelter. Umbrellas are great but a shelter works better to provide shade for your little ones. We’re fans of this Kelty Cabana because of it’s compact size, portability and ease of set up.

supergoop3. Use Sunscreen Sunscreen works best if you put it on before you head out the door and actually need it. We love the giant sized containers of SuperGoop with the pump. It’s perfect to place on a bathroom counter and get your kids into the habit of applying sunscreen on a daily basis. Carry a smaller size in your bag for reapplying throughout the day.

Kelty Cabana4. Hats on. It’s not always easy to get your kid to wear a hat. It’s easier when the hat comes in a bunch of adorable kid-approved prints and colors. We love Flap Happy’s many choices and approve of the extra protection their wide brims and neck flaps afford.


babysunglasses5. Easy on the Eyes. Don’t forget to protect your baby’s eyes! Baby Banz eyewear is comfy and stays put on active babies and toddlers.