Travel Memories

Photo Credit: Teronya Holmes/Christian Traveling Mom

Travel is all about creating memories. Many of us want to preserve those memories and be sure that they stay around for years to come for our pleasure and to share with family and friends.

Suggestions to Save Travel Memories:

  • Travel Journal – You can find various types of journals to purchase. Choose from moleskin to beautifully designed books. Journals with pockets leave room for brochures, post cards, etc. are helpful. Some have prompts to assist you with writing.
  • Maps – Personalize a map with pins, stickers, doodles, etc. of the areas you’ve traveled. State sticker maps are also available, like those you see on the side of an RV.
  • Post Cards – Buy one from each attraction or area that you visit and write a short note about what you did, something funny that happened, etc.
  • Brochures – Pick up a few and use some of the photos or descriptions for a scrapbook.
  • Shadowbox – Create your own shadowbox with special mementos such as stamps, shells, napkins and magnets. Don’t forget those post cards and brochures.
  • Start a Collection – For example, buy spoon souvenirs from each trip. Display them on a spoon rack. Refrigerator magnets, soaps, playing cards and Christmas ornaments are other types of collectibles.
  • Photos – You’ve taken hundreds of photos, now what to do with them? Instead of storing them in a box, use the best ones in a travel album, make a collage for your wall or include them in your shadowbox. If you are crafty, decoupage them onto a paperweight or other glass item or make a photo tree.

What are some ways that you save your travel memories?

Image Credit – Christian TravelingMom