A view over the Zocalo, Mexico City, taken from the $30/night Holiday Inn. Photo by Travel Hack TMOM

A view over the Zocalo, Mexico City, taken from the $30/night Holiday Inn. Photo by Dia Adams/ Travel Hack TravelingMom

As “Travel Hack TravelingMom,” AffiliateBoxI’m here to share tricks and tips you’ve probably never heard of to get you places you didn’t imagine you could afford to go. Today I’m sharing one of my absolute favorite hotel hacks: IHG Hotels Point Breaks.

IHG Where? Break What?

IHG Hotels are brands you know by other names: Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Staybridge Suites, etc. Point Breaks are this amazing deal where points stays at specific IHG hotels are slashed to 5,000 points a night. This Point Breaks list is good until the end of October. Lists are updated every other month with an entirely new set of hotels. Reservations are exactly the same as any other through IHG’s website: fully cancel-able. I’ve used Point Breaks many times on stays that would have normally cost up to $200 a night. I paid $30.

You heard me, $30. Here’s how

I’m not a fan of buying hotel points, with one blazing exception: IHG Points at bonus time. Up until 8/31, IHG is offering a Mystery Bonus promotion with up to 100% bonus points-meaning you get 1 point free for every one you buy. Before you check your bonus amount you’ll need your (free) IHG hotels rewards number. You can sign up here. Obviously you hope to get the 100% bonus targeted to you, but don’t panic if you don’t. Both you and any adult family members can have individual accounts so be sure to check theirs as well.

At 100% bonus 120,000 points (you can buy 60,000 and 60,000 are bonus) come to $690 including fees: just under .6/point. Or $30/night for a Point Breaks hotel room. I’d feel comfortable buying at 70% bonus or above- still $35/night or less. At 50 or 60%? If you have a specific use for the points, you’ll still get some great deals. You can search any location by “rewards night” to see the normal rates: at bonus time the normal rates can still be a real savings over retail.

Please note: You have to have some activity on your IHG account within a year to keep the points active, but you don’t necessarily have to use them all in a year. Making a reservation counts as “activity” just as much as a stay.

I’ve already made a Point Breaks reservation for an August weekend in Solomon’s Island, Maryland.

Can you use Point Breaks?  Please share your plans and any questions in the comments.