baby_in_strollerBusy moms who travel with kids have come to realize that the most important part of traveling with small children is the planning, planning, planning.

I used to love finding cheap airfares on Southwest and hopping a plane to the cheapest locale with nothing but a change of clothes and a toothbrush. It’s taken me awhile to realize that those days are long gone. So is the fresh skin and hot body, but that’s another story!

Since I’ve started writing for TravelingMom, I’ve approached our family vacations in a whole new manner. For those of you who are meticulous planners, you can stop reading now; you were way ahead of me. For the rest of you C’est la vie girls, it’s a whole new world ladies. Knowing that I needed to be able to impart real and useful information about our recent trip to D.C. I went about researching the trip in the same manner I imagine Rommel planned for the invasion of North Africa (don’t be intimidated, I just googled that). Regardless, the fun you will have on a family trip is directly correlated to a few factors, in my opinion:

1. Not standing in lines

2. Having access to food and bathrooms (my potty training toddler screams like he’s on fire every time he realizes he needs to “MAKE PEE PEE”, and it scares onlookers)

Nothing else matters if you spend all day in a line and you’re hungry and cranky by the time you get to see the moon rock, Declaration of Independence, Obama puppy, or whatever. The kids could meet SpongeBob himself, and if they’re tired and hungry they’re likely to kick him in his skinny shins.

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