family travel medical preparednessDo you know what to do if your family had a medical emergency while on vacation?  What if you needed a prescription refill, or someone got sick?  Whether you’re traveling a few hours away or internationally, it’s good to do a little investigative work before your next trip. 

Here are some questions to consider before you travel:

  • Are your family’s immunizations current?
  • Does your health care provider have a consulting nurse service that you can call for advice about minor medical concerns?
  • What are your health care provider’s out of area policies for emergency room visits and hospital stays?
  • Where are the hospitals and pharmacies near your destination that accept your insurance?

Don’t forget:

  • Take enough prescription medications to last a few days beyond your trip’s end.  Keep your medications in their original container, and have them with you in your carry on when flying.
  • Bring a family first aid kit.  Your kit might contain things like tweezers, motion and altitude sickness medications, bandages, antiseptic towelettes, antibacterial ointment, Tylenol or Motrin, Antihistamine/Benedryl, eye drops, blister supplies, thermometer, anti-diarrheal medication, Syrup of Ipecac, and electrolyte powder like Emergen-C. For an international trip, contact your health care provider for immunizations and or medications recommended for your destination.
  • Carry your family’s insurance cards with you, load emergency numbers in your phone.

Safe travels!