I learned the hard way that it is possible to protect your family against a medical emergency while traveling and it won’t cost a fortune.

Medical Evacuation Membership

You’re packed and ready to go.  You have your tickets, an extra change of clothes in your carry-on and you even a first aid kit.  The grandparents and a neighbor know how to reach you—at any time—in case of emergency.


You feel as though you are prepared for the worst. If you are hospitalized, you just run to the nearest emergency room, right?  That’s not so easy, as I found out last year when my six year-old was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain during a family vacation in Florida (link).  I may as well have been in Timbuktu.

When I relayed my distressing story of inadequate emergency care—including a total of 12 hours waiting in two different ER’s before we ever saw a doctor—to my friend, a corporate travel agent, she/he suggested I check out MedjetAssist. It’s a ‘medical emergency evacuation service’ that retrieves members from anywhere on the globe and takes them to the hospital of their choice.  

I vowed to be prepared my next trip. But I didn’t want to be a victim of fine print exceptions (which I suspected was the case), so I set out to learn more by researching online and by interviewing the Executive Vice President of MedjetAssist, Phillip Morris.

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