Photo credit: Jennifer Close / Western TravelingMom

Air travel can be stressful from the security checkpoint process, checking your bags, and getting the perfect seat. Parking your car at the airport shouldn’t be another stressor.

I don’t have much experience parking a car at the airport during travel because, until now, we have always lived near friends and family that could run us to the airport. Several months ago, I won a free week of parking at The Parking Spot near the Denver International Airport.

I had the chance to use it in November when I was flying out on my own. I chose some strange flight times because of the money I saved but that meant that it wasn’t really convenient for my family to give me a ride to the airport, which is located 45 minutes away from my house.

The Process

About five days before my flight, I booked my parking on the Parking Spot website. Making a reservation at the Denver Parking Spot is free; all you need are your dates. You will get a confirmation email that you can print out and take with you for easier entry into the parking lot when you arrive.

Checking in is easy.  When you arrive, you pull up to a booth and give them your confirmation.  They will point you in the right direction and you park your car.

Make sure that you remove all of your valuables and secure your car. A shuttle picked me up within a few minutes.  The shuttle was actually waiting for me before I even parked my car. The shuttle driver gave me a card to keep and give to the driver on my return trip. We picked up two other people from their parking spaces and headed to the airport. Once at the airport, we got dropped off near our airline.

The Return Trip

The return trip was just as easy as the check-in process.  After I picked up my bags, I headed to the designated location to catch the shuttle. I arrived just as the shuttle did so I didn’t have to wait. The shuttle took me right to my car and dropped me off.  I took a few moments to get my things loaded in my car and collect myself. I left through the same booth area in which I arrived. I paid with my free week coupon, was handed a cold bottle of water and sent on my way.

Things to Know about The Parking Spot-Denver

  • The Parking Spot is not located next door to the airport — it is about 10 miles away. You will need to allow plenty of time for shuttle pickup and the drive from the lot to the airport.
  • Prices vary by location but are likely less than airport parking.
  • Check the website for coupons before booking your parking space — you might be able to get a deal.