32gb_ipod_touchAlong with my iPhone addiction has come an addiction to apps.  There is an app for everything, and traveling with kids is no exception.  There are apps to prepare you for your trip so that there are no loose ends along the way, apps to keep your kids occupied while you’re being transported or after you arrive and apps to help you find your way around a city.

I’ve compiled a short list of some of my recent favorites that you might want to consider downloading in preparation for your next trip.

TripIt  (FREE)

This is the perfect app for any organized (or not so organized) parent.  It tracks all your trip details, including flight and hotel itineraries.   All you have to do is forward any booked reservations to plans@tripit.com and the app organizes your details, sends you flight tracking alerts direct to your email, frequent flyer point tracking, links to your LinkedIn account so people know where you are and more.  When you travel with kids, you need to have everything planned out and know where you’re going, so TripIt may be the app for you.  In my house, we use it relgiously everytime we travel.

Mom Maps  (FREE)

Have you ever been in a far-away city, been at a historic landmark when the kids started to cry, shriek with boredom, break into a severe temper tantrum and you knew a playground had to be the next stop but you didn’t know where to go or how to get there?  Mom Maps helps you find fun, kid-friendly spots when you’re somewhere new.  If you’re in despearate need of a a park, playground, restaurant, museum or indoor play area, Mom Maps lets you plug into the collective knowledge of moms and dads everywhere to find kid-friendly fun when you need it the most. The more parents that use this app, the more reviews that will appear and the better it will be.  It already features 26,000+ locations and continues to grow.

Story Boy Travel Stories for Kids (FREE)

Noah in New York City and http://itun.es/iF69Pc  and Things to do in New York City with Your Kids 

Story Boy apps are excellent companions for a child to take on a trip, to either NYC or Paris (for which they are available).  Each app includes a story of one child’s trip with his/her parents, sharing all the places they go and explore along the way.  The photographs are bright and colorful and vividly paint a picture of what a child can expect to do in that city– from the Museum of Natural History, taxi rides and a trip to the Central Park Zoo in NYC to a breakfast of croissants, to a trip to the Eiffel Tower, to a trip to the Louvre in Paris.  These stories are good to read before, during or after a trip to one of these two wonderful cities, and the app with advice on what to do in NYC is a helpful guide to what to do in the city with kids.


This app, perfect for a visit to NYC, was developed by one savvy New York City mom who just wanted to make her own life a little easier and put all her own wishes and desires for an easier travel experience around the city into an app.  It puts a parent one click away from information and directions to the closest indoor activities, outdoor activities, changing tables, subway elevators and kid-friendly restaurants.  The searchable maps are easy to follow, and there are descriptions and full contact information for each location.

Road-Trip Bingo (.99)

Have you ever been on a road trip that seemed never-ending, particularly if you didn’t have a DVD player to keep the kids occupied?  This app will come in handy during a long car, train or bus ride.  The kids can play bingo using this handy app.  Your child will shake the screen to start a new bingo card and then start looking for signs, cars, buses, animals, trees and more.  When they get five in a row, they win.  There are over 40 items fo find and music that accompanies the game.  It will keep your kids going, and you can even get in on the action.