Using the Packing List Method saves suitcasetime and frustration, especially for those that travel often. A list that you can edit and customize based on where you travel, who is traveling with you, the type of transportation and number of suitcases allows you to get and stay organized. And you are not likely to forget the items you want to pack.

Some Ways to Create a Packing List:

·         Make you own packing list template on your computer.

·         Use the Universal Packing List, which includes hitchhiking trips, activities such as glacier walks and sherpas to carry your bags.

·         Evernote enables you to make and save a checklist.

·         There are apps for packing lists too – Nix Solutions uPackingList for the Android and for iPhone and iPad, Quinn Genzel Packing + To Do for the iPhone and iPad, Red Box Productions Pack and Go for iPhone and iPad.

With each trip, edit your packing list. After you use your list for the first time, you will probably add more items. If you think of something while you’re on vacation, jot it down. Consider the weather, if children will be accompanying you and TSA rules if you are flying. Make your packing list as detailed as possible.

My Packing Method:

1.      All laundry is done the day before packing begins.

2.      Every person is in charge of getting their own clothing and putting them in a central location.

3.      Clothing is laid out as outfits, including underwear, socks, etc.

4.      Other items such as pajamas, bathing suits, sweaters, etc. are left out individually.

5.      The checklist is then used to go over all the items we need.

6.      The suitcases are then packed by outfit so there’s no need to hunt and peck for what you need to wear.

7.      Small bags for our personal and toiletry items are saved and replenished as needed.

Using the Packing List Method helps things go smoothly before and during trips.

Connie Roberts is a professional blogger who makes it her mission to advocate for people with medical issues. Travel with a disability is not a struggle, but an opportunity to see the world and let others see that it’s possible and a lot of fun. Tweet with her @ConnieFoggles.