1suitcaseTurns out taking two kids under three to Europe requires A LOT of preparation.  Of course I knew this but I conveniently didn’t think about it until we find ourselves scrambling to pull it all together the night before we leave.

Here is a list of things we are packing:

Packing for the Baby: pacifiers, Infant Acetaminophen (including dosage sheet from doctor’s office), Hooter Hider, bottles, breast pump/shields, warm blankets, swaddle blankets, Dreft detergent packets, Vitamin D drops, Iron drops, sterilizer bags, white noise seahorse, sheets for nest/crib, Butt Paste, sleep sack, small bottle of dish soap, milk carrying bag with ice packs

Packing for the Toddler: Pull Ups, panties Children’s Acetaminophen, Children’s Ibuprofen, Band Aids, conditioner, hair ribbons, sippy cups, bowls, utensils, toothbrush, toothpaste, Claritin, blanket, warm jacket, rain jacket, sunglasses, bib, kleenix

Both: diapers, wipes, clothes, pajamas, shoes, sun hat, warm hat, gloves, bath soap/shampoo, extra Ziplock bags, a nice outfit to wear to the wedding, sunscreen, lotion, rain cover for stroller, nail clippers, thermometer

For the Plane: iPad, head phones, diaper bag, coloring book with stickers, books, baby doll, Melissa & Doug magnetic dress up doll, snacks for toddler, Tide stain lifter stick, Clorox wipes just in case we have an accident, change of clothing (for each child), socks, baby rattle

Besides packing and buying needed items, the only other prep work was practicing using the head phones with our toddler.  She is ecstatic to have a promise of free reign to watch television all day on the plane, so we will see how long her excitement lasts.  

A full report when we return.

Alecia Hoobing is project manager and aspiring freelance writer who is happy to call Boise, Idaho her home airport.  You can read all about her adventures traveling with children at .