Office-supplies-for-travel-craftsAlways on the lookout for cheap and easy ways to entertain the kids on a family car trip, I recently found inspiration in the office supply aisle of the grocery store.

Inexpensive Entertainment for Traveling Kids

Stickers have long been an essential for traveling with toddlers. For around $5, I picked up two 100-count sets of index cards and pack of colored labels for the kids (ages 3 and 5) to use for craft projects or to keep them busy in the car. They loved placing the stickeC-with index_card_housers on the cards, as well as creating three-dimensional shapes by using the stickers to hinge cards together.

My daughter (who doesn’t go anywhere without some sort of Hello Kitty character, including the Hello Kitty U.S.A. travel book) loved “building” houses for Hello Kitty and her friend Thomas, while my son made a shed for his many Thomas the Tank Engines.


Bring Crayons for Coloring on the Go

We brought along a couple boxes of crayons for the kids to use to decorate the cards as well. They could also use them to draw what they saw along the way, or to draw pictures of the family members we were going to visit. These also make good, quick gifts for hosts or hostesses – or can be used for thank-you cards after the trip or mementos for their scrapbooks.

What inexpensive items do you bring along to keep the kids occupied during travel or while you’re away?