ekrheadAre you in the market to buy skis? How do you know which ones to buy? You don’t!  Not unless you try them out first.  Don’t take anyone else’s word for it: test a bunch of different skis out.  On different days, during different conditions (powder, slusky, cruddy, etc.). How does one do that? Let me explain…

Now that I’ve outgrown my K2 Burnin’ Luv 156cm skis (love them, but they are a bit too short for the speed I want), I know generally what kind of ski I’m looking for, but I don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars before I ski them first.

We went to Sun Valley Resort last weekend and I decided to demo skis at Pete Lane’s, 208-622-6123. Here’s what happens when you demo skis:

  1. You tell them what kind of skier you are and how you like to ski (trees, groomers, powder, all mountain).
  2. If you know, you tell them the kind of skis that you like or that you aspire to…
  3. They give you the first pair of skis for the day.
  4. You ski on the first pair for a few runs and then you go back to Pete Lane’s and get the next pair of skis.
  5. Continue Step 4 as much as you feel necessary — it’s all included in the price.

blizzardBrad Wood is the Mountain Sports Shop Supervisor at Pete Lane’s and when I told him that I was a very strong intermediate skier and that I wanted to grow into my next pair of skis, that I aspire to powder, but really, I ski mostly groomers and a little crud — he directed me first to Blizzard Skis (Handmade in Austria) at 165cm.
It was a bluebird day in Sun Valley and I really did like the Blizzards.  They felt stable, turned easily and were stiff, like I like it… my skis.  Next I tried the Head Maya skis at 163cm. I liked these skis even more than the Blizzards or, it could have been that whatever has been underfoot most recently is my preference — not entirely sure.  I ran out of energy before I could go for a third pair, but the exchange of demos was limited only by my ability to leave the gorgeous slopes of Sun Valley on a Spring-like winter day.

So I think I’m going to buy the Head Maya skis.  Again, they are longer than my current skis, stiff and with an early rise that makes turning easy.  I had them write down all the information of the ski so that if I don’t but it at Pete Lane’s, I’ll have all of the specifics.
If I do decide to buy at Pete Lane’s they will take the price of demo-ing skis — up to 2 days worth — off the price of the new skis. Nothing to sneeze at, as demo-ing skis is $59/day.

Here’s Brad to explain:

Remember: boots are more important to own than skis, but if you’re in the market, demo first.


Please note: Pete Lane’s provided my demo skis for the day. My opinions are entirely my own.

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