nycpassPlaying tourist in your own city can be an expensive proposition. If you want to gorge on museums and tours, whether on your kids’ school break or just for a weekend, admission prices quickly add up. The New York Pass is one way to save money, and time. The passes, available in 1, 2, 3 or 7 day versions, with adult and child prices, offer free entry to over 70 attractions, plus line skipping at some crowded venues.

It is best to plan out your day or days before buying a pass. Say you want to see the Dead Sea Scrolls ($27.50) and the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art ($25). You are already almost 2/3 of the way to the one day adult ticket price. Add a bike ride through Central Park and your value already exceeds the one day price; anything you do now is gravy.

If you are touring with your kids, the New York Water Taxi ride is fun, or you can take a Circle Line sightseeing cruise.

This is probably the limit for any kid, so the multi-day pass makes a lot of sense. And then you can take advantage of a special New York Pass perk.; entry to the 9/11 Memorial. The memorial is free, but you have to reserve a timed ticket. With the New York Pass, you can enter even when the on-line reservations are at capacity.


The New York Pass lets you skip the line at the Statue of Liberty, which even jaded New Yorkers should visit at least once. And you can get an all-garden access pass to the glorious New York Botanical Garden New York Botanical, which offers year round delights.

Explore your city, as a tourist, with The New York Pass.

The New York Pass sponsored the Family Travel Conference.