new airline fee regulationsHave you noticed that airfares seem to have suddenly gone up?  If you are researching airfares for your next family vacation, the rates shown will look higher than they did before, because new Department of Transportation regulations require that airlines actually show government fees and taxes in the quoted price.  So, if you see a $59 rate, it will actually be $59!  And, while airlines aren’t required to include “optional” fees like checked bag fees, they do need to be very clear about those fees upfront.

In my opinion, these changes are great for the consumer, because you can now actually truly budget for your flights at their real prices.  As government fees and taxes have increased, it’s become more difficult to really get a feel for the total price.

The new regulations also include some other changes made to protect consumers, including requirements to refund bag fees when a consumer’s bag is lost, regulations to ban most post-purchase fare increases, and requiring airlines to allow reservations to be held at the quoted fare for 24 hours without payment.

How do you feel about the new regulations?