Photo Credit: Dave Dugdale

When we travel thoughts of disasters are far from our mind. But, with the news of natural disasters, especially numerous tornadoes in Oklahoma and the Midwest, travelers need to consider natural disaster preparation.

How to Be Prepared while you Travel:

Stay Informed – Keep an eye on the local weather. Many of us do this to plan our outings and activities any way while we are on vacation.


Learn How to Stay Safe – The TV or radio are likely to share information on supplies you need and the location of shelters. Hotel staff may be the best source of information.

Stay or Leave – Decide if you should stay in the location or move away. This will depend on if transportation is available, if it safe to travel and if you have time to get away. You do not want to get stranded while the storm is in progress.

Travel with a Safety Kit – Even if you didn’t bring a kit with you, it should be easy to make one. Include a first aid kit, important paperwork, cash, plastic bags (for storage and to avoid water damage, extra clothing, a flashlight, battery run cell phone charger, batteries, etc.

Don’t Procrastinate – The sooner you make a decision, the safer you will be. Although it may be difficult to know the best route to take, follow directions quickly.

People First – Put the safety of your family and yourself above your belongings and the money you spent on your trip.

How to Prepare Before you Travel:

Purchase Travel Insurance – Not all insurance covers natural disasters. Check for those that cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay and ask about weather coverage.

Travel based on Weather – Avoid areas affected by Hurricane Season and Tornado Season, for example. Do your research.

There is no need to avoid travel due to fear of natural disasters. Be informed, prepared and take precautions.

Image Source – Dave Dugdale