theme-park1Didn’t get enough of our original five theme park survival tips? Here are five more Traveling Mom bloggers with great ideas to help your family make the most of your theme park vacation. And don’t forget to join us on April 2 at 9pm ET for our #TMOM Twitter party where we’ll share even more tips and ideas for theme park fun!

Disabled TravelingMom Connie Roberts 
Expect to make changes in your plans. Visiting Universal with the thought of being flexible will make you a lot happier than expecting to be a theme park commando when you’re disabled. If you feel tired or unwell, it’s time to take a break. Sit in the shade, get something to drink, people watch.

Disney TravelingMom Andi Sims 
Hold your plans loosely for when you’re actually in the park; if the youngest wants to stop and watch a parade that’s not on the schedule or Grandma gets caught up in an impromptu street performance, savor the moment.

Family Fun TravelingMom Desiree Miller 
For teens, we make sure they have cell phones charged and with them, just in case we end up separated. We like to get in the park the minute it opens and go straight to the attraction we most want to see. Backpacks are a must and should be packed with rain gear since it seems to rain every afternoon in Florida. We also buy the drink that comes with the attraction cup that can be refilled for less later. We’re still using our Butterbeer mugs at home–and they’re great mementos of our fun.


Idaho TravelingMom Elizabeth Rodgers
When we enter a crowded amusement park or other venue, we march straight to the back. People tend to linger up front, leaving the back areas uncrowded. Then we work our way back and are right by the exit when we’re ready to leave.

If your kids can’t memorize your cell number, write it down and put it in their pocket. Also, never tell them that if they get lost, you will meet them at the car–you don’t want them leaving the park with anyone.

Luxury TravelingMom Kim-Marie Evans
Go left. We learned from a VIP tour guide at Disney that, when you go in to any park, you should go left; everyone’s natural tendency is to go right.

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