twitterrecapMultigenerational travel – where the kids, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all travel together – is one of the hottest trends in travel.

Our traveling moms and grandmothers weighed in on the pros and cons of this type of travel during our July 19 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party. July 26 topic: Educational Travel. Join us at 9 pm EST on Twitter. Don’t know what a Twitter Party is? We can help on that too.

From camping to cruising, one thing is clear: these families like to stay active no matter who they’re traveling with. (And it does matter who they’re traveling with–the chain smoking aunt and other annoying relatives are definitely not invited.)


What’s the best place to go on a multigenerational vacation?

@asmithonline: camping because there’s something for everyone – hike, swim, fish, sail, cook…

@prendalestelle: I think a cruise is the best place for multigenerations! Something for everyone

@dianarowe: last yr our multigenerational family, ages 2 – 62 chose Mexico, Riviera Maya all-incl Barcleo

@chic_travel: From the child’s perspective, somewhere w/family roots

What’s your secret for a successful multigenerational trip?

@LuxuryTravelMom: Lots of patience, and booze, or both

@CruiseBuzz: Don’t disturb nap time for the Grandparents and the toddlers.

Planning seems to be a key to success for multigenerational trips. But how?

@cruisebuzz: Use a travel agent (no cost to you) & watch how easy it is 2 plan a family reunion.

@RachelFerrucci: Specific times we meet 4 dinner, parks, etc- rest of time follow our own itinerary- No stress 2 always be 2gether

@asmithonline: I like to make sure everyone has their fav foods, toiletries and sleeping gear + travel prefs are discussed

The first answer below should be stapled into your passport. Keep this advice as your mantra.

@dianarowe: Multigenerational travel @HUGE@ TIP: don’t plan every single min, leave free time 4 individual choice. Don’t have 2 b tgthr every min

@kimorlando: ASK about expectations!

Maybe some family members should not be included when you are planning a big family vacation:

@CruiseBuzz: I am not allowed to talk about the family members that I don’t want to travel with.

@CindyRichards: I don’t like taking other kids. Messes with the family vibe. They still text their way through a trip.

@elivya: My aunt – she smokes like a chimney. It’s either deal with secondhand in the car, or stop every 30 minutes.

Which family members DO you want to travel with? Why?

@mellanhead: anyone in my family! Because they are fun and nuts which makes the drive seem shorter

@GoBIG_GoHome: The ones who like to pay for meals!

What’s the biggest benefit to multigenerational travel?

@amberlou24: I love learning from older generation and teaching younger generations! Perfect for multigenerational travel!!

@kimorlando: I love to see my kids having conversations w/ their grandparents. They r dying 4 info about me & their dad when we were teens

@CindyRichards: Getting to know one another outside the traditional roles–as cook, son, daughter. All just fellow travelers.

No one said multigenerational travel was going to be easy. Scheduling is one of the biggest headaches, and our moms had other concerns, too.

What’s the biggest drawback to multigenerational travel?

@elivya: It takes a lot of coordination. Sometimes you can’t keep everyone happy

@GoBIG_GoHome: Not getting 2 do everything U want, b/c of “compromise.”

@jylmomIF: The only thing was that I wanted to get in more with the locals while they wanted to stay at swanky hotels & such.

What happens when one family can’t afford the trip? Our moms have the answers:

@jylMomIF: In our families, parents pay for lodging, we all pitch in for food, and each fam pays for own activities/services

@justicecw: Whoever has the most $$

@CruiseBuzz: Those that can pay should, those that need help paying should ask. The point is to get everyone together in one place

Who’s in charge of planning your family’s trips?

@chic_travel: Let the kids plan part of it – builds memories, 2!

@amberlou24: It should be a group effort! Everyone has input..everyone has fun!

The answers to the last two questions show that keeping your sense of humor is key to enjoying multigenerational travel.

How do you keep everyone happy on a multigenerational trip?

@Jet_Set: Q11 Realize the only person who’ll have bad time is you.

@justicecw: Lots of compromise!

@mellanhead alcohol for the adults, candy for the kids! lol j/k

What is your funniest multigenerational travel story?

@sleatham1: HMMM…My nephew stinking us out on he way home…after informing us he had not pooped in 4 days..NASTY

@dadarocks: When we traveled w/ my gram who had Alzheimer’s- we used to have to pat her down before we left anywhere (funny now)

@sleatham1: My mother giving us directions and we ended up in a different state than we were shooting for!

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