episencialsIf you are going to Riviera Maya, or anywhere in Mexico in my opinion, be sure to pack mosquito repellant, ointment for the bites you do get, and organic sunscreen (many of the excursions will not allow traditional sunscreen and most of us will fry in this hot sun without some protection).  I’m extra careful about both options because my youngest has eczema which will only get worse if I use the wrong product.  So, these are my suggestions:

Sunny Sunscreen from Episencial
Sunny Sunscreen offers water resistant protection for your face and body and is great for those with sensitive skin (my five year old daughter has eczema that is always aggravated by sunscreen—this is the first kind we’ve found that didn’t worsen the condition).  It uses natural minerals zinc and titanium (no nano-particles) and has a milky texture that leaves minimal residue.  It’s fortified with organic green tea extract to prevent sun-damage, along with organic sesame, safflower and avocado oils to moisturize and nourish the skin.  The beeswax and organic shea butter increase water resistance and sun protection without the use of petroleum or chemicals. It’s nice to have protection that doesn’t aggravate.

Boiron-Bitecare-GelBoiron Bitecare Gel
Also, when the bugs bite (and they do), you’re going to want something to bring a little ouch relief.  I wish I had this on the trip, but discovered it later.  It’s from Boiron and is called Bitecare Gel.  It’s homeopathic, with no artificial colors or perfumes.  It brings temporary relief to pain from insect bites and stings.