makeupCelebrity makeup artist Joanne McCarthy says (surprise!) you don’t need a cosmetic bag bulging with goodies to stay looking pretty on the road.

There are just two must-haves, she says: lip gloss and eyeliner. The gloss is youthful and soft, and eyeliner can be applied lightly for simple definition or heavier for more drama.

 McCarthy, whose clients have included numerous celebrities and television shows, is passionate about the art of makeup. Knowing how to place makeup correctly, and starting with a foundation in the right color for your skin tone, are the keys to looking good at any age, she says.


But if you don’t have the time (or steady hands) to apply foundation expertly and evenly? Try McCarthy’s own secret product: Jergens Natural Glow Face moisturizer, an inexpensive soother with a hint of self-tanner. McCarthy smoothes it on her own skin for a healthy tint and a shot of moisture.