luggageLuggage weight limits have changed in recent years and are different depending on the airline and sometimes on flight class. To top it off, the information can be difficult to locate on an airline?s website. I checked one out, only to be frustrated.

I like information.  I like to know before I go and all that jazz.  I also like to be able to find the information easily.  Digging is not fun for me, and I don?t have time for it. I hope in this On Board section of that I am able to provide you with details that save you the effort of digging. Here?s an example of the frustrating amount of poking around it can take to locate basic traveling information.

I was searching for a nice, tidy one-stop article or website with information on airline luggage weight limits. I found a couple of articles online, but it was doubtful that their information was current. I decided to check directly with an airline, choosing American Airlines at random. I clicked to the company?s website to root around for baggage information. In their FAQs, I found a good reference to carry-on and checked baggage limits ? but it only applied to domestic travel. For some reason, the international information was convoluted and incomplete.


There was one reference to carry-on limitations if traveling overseas, but nothing about checked baggage. At one point, I was instructed to go to the Customer Service page, then Baggage Information and then Baggage Allowance. I was unable to find Customer Service — only their Customer Service Plan — so I threw a dart at Travel Information and bingo, there was Baggage Information and Baggage Allowance. However, still no clear weight limits for international travel. There?s a table with guidelines (see below) but it does not specify if it is for domestic or international travel. Again, the only specs for international travel were for carry-on baggage. You can check out the table here.

For specific information, you?ll have to telephone, and be at the mercy of the person to whom you?re connected. Don?t forget to get a name.

This all may sound a bit picky, but I would bet that more than one mom has tried to muddle her way through to this information and wound up at the check-in counter repacking suitcases or forking over a fee for overweight bags.

My goal is to get the airline to clearly articulate the charges that apply for all luggage, period. It would also be nice if they would correct the instructions on their website so that this information, once posted, can be found. It will save headaches on both sides of the check-in counter. Might I suggest that AA take a peek at Delta Airlines? site? There, information is clearly laid out with bullet points and there is separate information for special baggage (surfboards to strollers). They also provide dimensions for carseats if you choose to use one for your child.

By the way, I am – of course — sending this to report to American Airlines. I will let you know if they respond.

Have you experienced luggage weight limit trauma? I want to know. I also want to know your top picks for lightweight, durable brands of luggage.