I’m absolutely loving the latest style in wallets. They’re slim, sleek and super-smooth when you need to pull out an insurance card without eight other cards spilling out. I picked up a model that’s considered a credit card case but as long as you’re not hauling around wads of cash, does the job of a wallet.

Made of soft Italian leather in a soothing shade of petal pink, my Lodis Audrey credit card case ($38 at www.plazatoo.com) is about the size of a personal check, plus maybe an extra inch, and offers easy access to my seven favorite credit cards (plus my AAA card and insurance cards for myself and each of my kids). Because they’re spread out, I can quickly spot the card I need. For added security, there’s a thin strap that covers the cards and easily snaps open and closed. There’s also a zipper for money, but anything larger than a few bills and coins makes the zipper bulge, so if you tend to carry a lot of cash, look at a larger model. Another great benefit is that it fits snugly into every bag I own, including the side flap of my carry-on, making it doubly good for travel.