Travel Fashion but Lilly Pulitzer at Target sold out in one day! If you’ve been thinking about Summer Travel Fashion and just heard about the new Lilly Pulitzer styles being sold exclusively at Target?? Think again.

Because the bright new designs and styles sold out in most stores in one day and caused the website to be taken down for a while Sunday (April 19th, 2015) morning.

After the scramble to get the site back up and running again only saw everything online sold out as well.

The best (and worst) part of the story is thousands of the new Lilly Pulitzer clothes and handbags were available on eBay nearly immediately for more than double the original Target prices.


According to USA Today:

Target spokesman Joshua Thomas said, “Target does not plan to replenish supplies of the Pulitzer line, which had 250 different items.”

For now, if you’re looking for fashion ideas for long days at Disney Parks, or ways to maximize your attire on a beach vacation, you’ll have to set your ‘Target’ on collector prices in order to pay for Lilly Pulitzer items that used to be sold at Target!


Lilly Pulitzer at Target Sold Out giraffey dress


The new Giraffeeey Dress was priced at $38.
Now over $90 on eBay.

giraffeeey dress lilly pulitzer for sale on eBay hours after first day at Target