Love your lips? You’re not alone. According to a poll sponsored by SoftLips Lip Conditioning Balm, most American women are perfectly happy with their own lips and wouldn’t trade them for anyone else’s. Only 21 percent would swap them for a celebrity pair like Angelina Jolie’s or Julia Roberts’.

The pros at SoftLips say that if you want your lips to be picture perfect, love them the way they are but give them plenty of pampering. Celebrity make-up artist Belinda Moss, who has worked on the high-profile lips of Beyonce Knowles and Scarlett Johansson, offers up this no-fail recipe for luscious lips:
1.    Exfoliate regularly.
2.    Apply concealer to prevent feathering.
3.    Dust lightly with powder to set lips.
4.    Line (don’t outline) lips with a nude-colored liner.
5.    Seal with SPF conditioning balm.
6.    Apply your favorite lipstick or gloss with a lip brush for long-lasting color.
Don’t have the time (or the inclination) to go through a six-step process? Skip everything except step #5. I stash a tube of great lip balm in each of my bags, every jacket pocket and in my car so I’m never caught without moisture. And I can vouch for these SoftLips sticks. They absolutely keep lips conditioned, they come in yummy flavors like raspberry and French vanilla, and they’re nice and slim, rendering them super-portable and great for travel. Pick up a few tubes for $2.50 each at