Travel can take zap your energy and make you feel a million miles away from the sexy siren that you were during your last romantic getaway. Don’t worry: Physical energy is NOT a prerequisite to great sex. In fact, a few little tricks can stoke the flame you’re looking for. Instead of letting jet lag throw your sex life into the toilet, spark your inner goddess with these lickety-split libido enhancers.

Eat for nutrition and health. Put down the Pringles and eat some whole, nutritious foods. Don’t know about you, but after scarfing down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, the last thing I want to do is take my clothes off.

Put your workout in the fast lane. The result: Your blood will flow right on over to the pelvic area, stimulating your sex organs and your mood. And this can definitely put a girl in the mood to strip down and use what she’s been working so hard on.


Get out that sexy novel and start reading! There’s nothing like a steamy sex scene to turn up the heat and rev up your sex drive. Harlequin may be a bit extreme, but many a New York Times bestseller boasts a passage or two (or more) that’ll set the mood.

Get sensual. Don’t wait for your man to get you in the mood. Do what it takes to get there yourself. Take a bath, rub on some body lotion, indulge in a piece of premium chocolate and lick your lips clean. Invite him in when you’re ready.

Love your body. Need a place to start? Find one body part that you have an affinity for. If you’re an athlete or if you’ve kicked an illness or physical limitation, appreciate your body for what it has done for you. For moms, this is a no-brainer. Whenever I’m in doubt, the first thing I remind myself of is how my body single-handedly (well, almost) created two beautiful people for whom I would NEVER trade a flat, non-maternal belly. Be grateful and applaud your body for its strength and beauty.