Swimming pool

Always choose the hotel with a pool. (Tip 58)

Ziploc bags, kids who pull their own weight, good manners and a power strip are all key pieces for creating the best family vacation. The FREE “101 Family Travel Tips” eBook is a compilation of the best advice from the TravelingMom Family Travel Experts. We’ve been there. Learn from our experience how to make a family vacation the best ever.

Just a few of the 101 tips:


Pack Ziploc bags. Seven uses for Ziplocs, from diaper bags to barf bags (see tips 87-91)

Get kids to help. From planning the activities to pulling their own suitcase, kids can and should have a role in the family vacation. Besides, if they have a role in the planning, you won’t take all the blame if something goes wrong. (Tip 8)

Family vacation Score a free hotel upgrade. This is where the good manners come into play. Being nice to the overworked and underappreciated front desk clerk can go a long way toward making your family vacation better. (Tip 93)

Bring a power strip. It comes in handy at the airport when there’s only one outlet and the other guy got there first and at the hotel, where it acts as a charging station lessening the chances you will forget the phone charger you plugged in behind the bed. (Tip 79)

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