Make wardrobe decisions before you go

Make wardrobe decisions before you go. Photo credit: Kamryn Adams/Life Coach TravelingMom

Travel packing for business trips can be a pain and cause stress before you ever step foot out of your home. Here are four suggestions to help eliminate the packing drama.  I call it the K.I.S.S. method…. Keep It Simple Sister!

1. Pick a Color Scheme

The first step to packing for travel is to pick clothes that will pair well with each other so that they are interchangeable. Chose a dark scheme, a light scheme, shades of brown or bright orange/yellows, etc.  When you scan your outfits for the trip, they should all be coordinated in hue.

2.  Shoes!

What traveling mom doesn’t love her shoes? We all do.  Chances are you have shoes in your closet that you match to a specific outfit.   I fully support this while on the home front, but travel packing for business requires…are you ready… take a deep breath…ONE PAIR OF SHOES.  Okay, you can take two if it’s going to kill you.  Keep your choice of footwear simple so it pairs well with your color scheme. Avoid shoe choices with embellishments and patterns.


3. Recycle Your Choices

Be sure to include pieces that are versatile enough to be worn more than once during your trip. Black, navy, tan or grey bottoms can be worn multiple times for completely different looks. The key is to go with a different style top when “recycling” your pants on a trip.  If you wear the suit with a collared shirt, do not pair the bottoms with the same style shirt merely without the jacket.  One day wear it as a suit and later in the week pair the slacks/skirt with a cute little cardigan set or ornate top.

Here’s an example of “recyclable” travel pieces for easy travel packing:

(1)  black pantsuit (2) red cardigan set (3) navy skirt (4) white blouse (5) fashionable knit top

packing_clothesDay 1: black suit/white blouse

Day 2: navy skirt/ red cardigan set

Day 3: black pants/ knit top

Day 4: navy skirt/ white blouse

Day 5:  black pants/ red sweater (minus cardigan)

4. Accessorize To Show Your Personal Style

Choose to go with basic, versatile pieces like those mentioned above and glam them up with colorful jewelry. This is beneficial in two ways. One, jewelry takes up much less space in your luggage. Two, it is an excuse to buy fun pieces of inexpensive jewelry. A strand of large, chunky red beads would go great on days 1 and 4 above. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces become the focal point of your outfit and nobody recognizes that you have on the same black pants.

Traveling moms love to travel. We love our families and we love ourselves. Following these suggestions can help make your packing less stressful and allow you to be more focused on your trip than your tees and tunics. The general rule to packing for any kind of travel: Keep It Simple Sister!!