The tmomistagramTraveling Mom Instagram Photo Show is a unique way to see photos and share photos all across the world. The photo show is simple and easy to participate.

Each month, Traveling Mom will announce a monthly #hashtag theme, which will run for seven days.  During that seven days, we encourage Instagrammers to share their photos using the monthly #hashtag theme.

What do you win?

You win Traveling Mom love – we will select photos from the photo show and share them on our Instagram account and

Designated Monthly Prize – watch, as each month we will announce the prize along with the theme.  The photo will the most hearts is the winner of the monthly prize.


  1.  Photo must be uploaded during the contest – the photo can be an old photo, but must be uploaded to Instagram during the contest.
  2. Photos must be family appropriate (G Rated).
  3. Participants need to follow Traveling Mom on Instagram.
  4. Photo must belong to you – cannot be someone else’s photograph/work.
  5. Photo must be a photo, not a quote or clip-art.
  6. Participants can and should promote their photo on other social media platforms to help gain likes.
  7. Participants can enter the contest more than once.

We look forward to seeing your photos and sharing the TravelingMom love.