Always pack your favorite pair. Sometimes I consider skipping jeans when I pack because they’re just so darn heavy. But unless I’m off to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Florida, I usually like to have a pair on hand when I’m on the road.


 I asked Jason Trotzuk, founder and designer of Fidelity Denim (, for some tips on how to get more style bang for your traveling buck

  • Confidence is key. “Always bring your favorite pair,” Trotzuk suggests, noting that jeans equals confidence. I agree. There’s nothing wrong with a shot of self-esteem when you’re, say, meeting up with your overly critical in-laws or showing up for a casual but important business dinner.
  • Think comfort and versatility. Instead of overloading your bag with denim for every occasion, Trotzuk recommends packing one versatile pair. His top pick: a boot cut or slight flare in a medium to dark wash. “This will allow you to go all day from shopping to dinner and not feel out of place or underdressed,” he says.
  • Bring along an extra edge. Have some extra room in your bag? Take along a second, edgier pair (e.g., skinny, wide, dark, embellished). “This allows you to take a chance if you’re in the mood to go dancing or do some damage – in a married sort of way,” Trotzuk says.
  • Take ‘em with you. Why risk losing your faves? Trotzuk says you should wear them on the plane. I’m not so sure about this. In my experience, a full day of sitting and crouching is a one-way ticket to wrinkly, misshapen jeans. Unless I’m wearing them for travel purposes only, I’m all about stashing them in my bag, which, he agrees, is handy for slipping them on when you arrive to a chill in the air.